Cole Armstrong

Cole is all about

cutting loose and

hitting boost!


Here at V we dig motorsports, and motorsports dig us, so much in fact that we are partnered with 4 & Rotary (check them out here: and Cole Armstrong, NZ’s 2016/17 D1NZ winner, what a champ! Give him a follow on Facebook, you know you want to… 

Cole Armstrong is the 2016/17 D1NZ champion and the proud driver of our very own V Energy R34 Drift Skyline. Before V (or ‘BV’ as we like to call it) way back in 2008, Cole started drifting professionally when he acquired “Big Red” a fully built RB26DET R34. From there his energy caught our eye here at V and from there came the era of the “Green Machine“ and well, the rest is history…